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5 Signs You May Have a Mold Problem

11/1/2022 (Permalink)

5 Signs You May Have a Mold Problem 5 Signs You May Have a Mold Problem

Every home or business owner shudders at the thought of dealing with a mold outbreak. Without the proper treatment, mold spreads rapidly and can be dangerous. Don't be caught Googling "mold removal companies near me" after the problem has escalated. Know the signs to watch for so that you can identify mold problems in their infancy and call a professional cleaning and restoration team like SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene.

If you notice any of the following signs in your home or business give us a call and we can help you discern whether or not it's a problem. 

1. Water Damage

A significant sign that you could have dangerous mold in your home is water damage. Flooding and leaks are both major contributing factors to mold growth. Often mold is caused by a water emergency that occurred before you occupied the house. Look for circular stains on the ceiling, bubbling and cracking drywall, and aged water-level stains around supporting beams in the basement or garage to discern if there was a water emergency before you arrived.

If flooding or leaking occurs while you live in the home, make sure you contact a restoration team to mitigate the damage. Having highly trained restoration specialists remove water and dry the flooded areas is the best way to prevent future mold issues.

2. Unusual Odors

Sometimes the first clue you have mold will be the accompanying smell. Unfortunately, mold damage is not always immediately visible, and the areas most severely impacted are often just out of sight. The inside of your home's walls, attics, and even HVAC system can all be infested with mold that isn't visible at a glance.

Mold has a musty, sickly-sweet odor, and the smell intensifies as you move closer to the infested area. No amount of air fresheners will consistently mask it, and it will return even after airing out the room. If you smell what you believe to be mold, call a mold remediation team and have them come to assess the situation before you try using fans to dissipate the scent. If it is mold, the last thing you want to do is potentially blow spores further through your home.

3. High Humidity Levels

High humidity levels mean a high percentage of moisture in the air. When the air is damp indoors, it creates the perfect environment for mold spores to travel and grow. In addition, condensation is more likely in areas with high humidity, and the resting moisture can contribute to mold growth.

Location plays a part in humidity levels, as does airflow. Whenever the humidity level rises above 60%, it becomes easy for mold and mildew to grow. A humidity level between 30% and 60% is optimal for most indoor environments.

4. Physical Symptoms

When mold is present in your home or workplace, you may suffer from physical symptoms. If you have a mold allergy, the Mayo Clinic has reported that you can have symptoms which include “coughing, itchy eyes, and other symptoms that make you miserable.” In addition, individuals with asthma may notice that they need to use their medications more frequently. 

5. You Find Yourself Searching for "Mold Removal Companies Near Me"

If you've found yourself seeking help but haven't made the call yet, it's time to let a professional address the issue. While accepting that you may have a dangerous mold problem in your home is the last thing you want to do, the sooner you reach out for help, the sooner they can fix your mold problem.

Whether you're confident you have a mold problem or are simply questioning if you do, talking to a cleaning and restoration company is the next step you should take. Protect your health and the longevity of your home by addressing any mold issues now. Contact our team at SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene, and let us manage your mold situation.

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